Data Privacy Policy / GDPR compliance


In order to maintain an accurate membership database, it is necessary and correct that the BRS collect and store personal data on its members. This information will include the information provided to us on the membership application form viz. your name, date of birth, address, place of work, training level and CCT date. No ‘sensitive’ or ‘special’ category data are held. We wish to assure you that the information held on you will only ever be used for the purpose of administering the Society and not for any other purpose. It will never be shared with any third party other than those directly associated with the BRS, as detailed below. In particular, your data will not be released to commercial, corporate or pharmaceutical companies, nor those undertaking market research.

Data storage

All of our membership records are stored securely on OMNet, an electronic database run by 3SI, the same database used by ENTUK for its membership database. The BRS database is maintained by ENTUK officers. In this capacity, ENTUK are acting as our main data processors and 3SI are acting as sub-contracted controllers. An agreement is in place between BRS and ENTUK to this effect. Both ENTUK and 3SI are fully GDPR compliant.

Data release

The BRS will pass a subset of the data it holds on you to the European Rhinologic Society on an annual basis in order that it can administer your membership with the ERS, received by proxy of your membership with the BRS. The ERS is a data controller in its own right as it runs its own membership database and, as such, it holds its own privacy policy, which is available to view here.


The BRS will use your registered email address to communicate with you regarding important dates, events and matters relating to the Society. It will also use your email for online voting for council membership. It will not be used it for the purpose of advertising. If you do not wish to receive such communications, please let us know (see below).

Your rights

In accordance with GDPR, you have certain rights bestowed upon you, as a data subject. These include:

  • the right to view all the data that we hold on you and to have a copy of that data
  • the right to determine to whom that data is released
  • the right to request correction of any of that information, upon receipt of proof, where necessary
  • the right to opt out of communications from the BRS
  • the right to request the deletion of all data held on you (“the right to be forgotten”)

In order to action any of these rights, please contact

Your duties

  • It is your duty to inform us if any of your details change.
  • It is your duty to inform us of information you do not wish to be released, or of any person to which you do not wish that information released.
  • It is your duty to inform us if you do not wish us to pass your details to the ERS, though note that in that instance, your proxy membership to ERS will not be validated and you will not have electronic access to Rhinology journal or receive discounts on ERS-affiliated courses.
  • It is your duty to inform us if you no longer wish to receive communications from the BRS.
  • It is your duty to inform us immediately if you believe your data privacy has been breached by the BRS.